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How To Mount Your Coin Bezel

The first thing that we do is lay out a white towel or cloth. Using a standard eyeglass screwdriver or a jeweler’s micro flat head screwdriver, unscrew the tiny mounting screw that is located in the small tube at the top of the coin bezel. Once the screw has been removed, delicately open up the bezel, just enough so that your coin can be slipped into place. To prevent the bezel from creasing or bending out of shape, it is very important to handle it with extreme care, making sure not to spread the bezel open too wide. Once your coin is in place, squeeze the gap of the bezel together tightly and carefully put the mounting screw back into place. (Do not over-tighten the screw or it may become stripped, which would render it useless.) Congratulations! The coin is now securely mounted within the coin bezel and ready to wear.

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