How we got started in the Online Jewelry business.

We here at Flintski.com would love to hear from you, thought I would knock 
out a few lines to thank you for your support, tell you about us, and to entice you to visit our web pages.

          Grace and I have been dabbling in Antiques, pottery, glass, jewelry and coins 
since 1984. In February of 1984 Grace and I bought a run down trailer park in
 Cleveland MS with a 2200 sq.  foot house and a guesthouse. The park was run down,  needed organization, and rules which we implemented.


  We did not need a guesthouse so we converted it into a store (mini flea market),
odds and ends, anything that would be a fast mover, ceramics, pottery, glass, 
 antiques, silver, gold coins and coin jewelry.


  We ran the yard sales, attended the local auctions, and sometimes bought
 from other dealers. This was a successful operation and supplemented our
 income quite well.

  TIME TO MOVE ON (fall of 1990)

  The park filled up, the house restored, and we made a big decision to sell. 
We sold out and opened an antique store in Grenada MS. End of story
no no, just beginning!


  We found the antique business a tough one, hard to find good desirable 
merchandise. Our source was flea markets, estate sales, and auctions, now we are meeting 
people who knew their products, and what the value was. We found it was hard 
to make a profit for now we had true overhead. After 3 years we decided to give 
it up, and to try something else.


  We had a warehouse full of pottery and glassware and commenced selling 
at the flea markets in northern Mississippi and Memphis TN.
We managed
 to liquidate a lot of it, but decided it was too heavy and too delicate to fool 
with. Now we still have a storeroom full of a little bit of everything.

  WHAT NEXT (1996)

  While chasing the flea markets we discovered those marketers who sold jewelry
 did quite well. Now you know what the next endeavor was, yes costume jewelry,
 sterling silver jewelry, silver dollars,
sterling silver bezels, gifts etc. This 
went on for a couple of years, and then one day Grace says this is enough, 
Iím tired of this life.


  Now we have a storeroom full of glassware, pottery, ceramics, and better than
 $8,000.00 in jewelry at our cost.


  Someone mentioned Web Site, sounded good to me, so I went shopping for 
a web site name. and someone to build us one. You should of heard some of the 
propositions I got, Whooee! You would never believe.
You would of thought 
we were a major corporation. So I decided to build our own, took some 
courses, worked with a local computer store for six months writing web 
pages for others, then built my own web site "flintski.com,", where you 
can visit, see the results, and of course purchase some of our fine jewelry, coins,
 bezels, and antiques, or even have flintski.com  build you a web site.


We want to thank the people of the great World Wide Web for their responses
and participation in  the promotion of  flintski.com. Thank you & BEST WISHES.

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