BUYING OLD COINS-what to look for

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BUYING OLD COINS-what to look for:
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Coins sell by the condition of the coin.  Flawless coins are struck with exaggerated detail; flawless, no blemishes, scratches, bad marks or wear and tear.  These coins are worth a lot of money; whatever the market will bear, no set price.
What to look for when buying a coin:
1. Check both sides of the coin for flaws
2. Check the degree of wear on the coin
3. See if the coin has mint marks
4. The coin should not be damaged

Coins with Eagles

When buying a coin with an Eagle on it, check to see if all the feathers are still there; look for the degree in which the feathers are worn.  Make sure the mint marks are readable.  Make sure the Eagle coins do not have bad marks, scratches, and imperfections or flaws.  All silver and gold coins have some value.  Start with melt prices and go from there.
Having an old coin, you may be rich, but not likely.  The rarity and condition of the coin and how many were minted that year determines the equal value.  Good luck to you.